Humility for All Ages

As I was riding in the jeep, an elderly woman asked me to add 5 pesos for her fare because her money was not enough and she only got 5 pesos (the fare was only 10 pesos ). Out of mercy and “respect-to-elders-culture”I gladly gave 5 pesos to her. After a few minutes and to my dismay, she asked the same favor to another passenger, keeping my 5 pesos on her coin filled purse and reciting the same line she told me.

My jaw dropped so does my respect and compassion for her. It is a shame that I was tricked by an old woman whom I respected minutes before she deceived me .

Jesus was preaching the “Parable of 2 Sons ” (Matthew 21:28-32) to Pharisis and Elders. He emphasized that the “prostitutes and tax collectors would go to heaven before them”. My experience gave me the example why.

I learned that that whatever status or age you are here on earth, God will look at your conversion and values. He will not look on what you have gained here on earth but rather in what is on your heart and what is your heart made of.

The Parable of 2 Sons also describes our attitude to God’s teaching.

We become the “First Son” who refused to heed with his father’s request but later on followed it. We stumbled and fall but we realized that the Love of God is the very most foundation of our Life we follow Him. But sometimes we become the “Second Son” who promised our Father heaven and earth but never really did anything. We have these gallant promises of heeding God but we never really do anything that we promised. Quiting smoking that you promised 5 years ago will just be an idea to your 5 boxes a week cigarette stocks, we only do lip service.

The message of the parable is to have in our life the same attitude of God and follow His ways so that our action would not just be a lip service but a heart service.



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