Getting the Good Side in the Losing Side

I just got dumped by the company I have been for 2 months. What my immediate supervisor said that I “did not meet their expectation”. This statement caught me unguarded and then tears started to fall from my cheeks. As much as I wanted it to look strong it never happened with the tears in my eyes. But more than that I felt dumped, broken hearted and stupid. I know in my heart something was not fair. It was not fair for me. But I did not write this article to rant or to mention grudges. I realized a lot of things after that incident and I know somewhere in these article you can relate such as


The world is not fair – we know the meaning of this word but sometimes awareness does not mean acceptance. To borrow a famous quote from the novel “The fault in our stars” The world will never be a wish granting factory, it will have its hurdles and that includes unfair treatments and situations. All I can say is “Just Deal with It”

The world will not stop for your sorrow – It is acceptable to be sad, and wail about it, but just don’t make it your life for the next months. Life doesn’t end in failure. Think of all the other possibilities you have in life.  Get up and try again.

The failure opens a lot of opportunities – In my case, my termination gave me an opportunity to explore again to different industry. It gave me a chance to retract my decisions and for me it’s a good beginning.

Have a little Faith – Trust God. He perfectly knows what He is planning for us. We might not see it yet but He prepared something better for us. Talk to Him or cry to Him, in this moment He stepped down from His Throne to comfort you. Open your heart He is with you.

Life will always have its ups and a lot of downs, but don’t let get this in your head. Without failure we cannot see the beauty of success. Make pain your path to maturity. You will eventually realize that it was a blessing in disguise of pain. As for the moment, keep breathing, held your head up high and Pray.


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