88 Pesos Daiso Facial Products

Anong magagawa ng 88 pesos mo? – Daiso!

 A place of wonder, where products are colorful and entertaining. Luckily it has a branch in Robinsons Tacloban, where I always visit. Looking through stuff that are so colorful, flowery and sometimes just plain ridiculous.

Some products are really helpful and ingenious but some are just novelty. The beauty section of Daiso is a bit questionable for me because first, some instructions and labels are in Chinese/Japanese that I don’t understand and that notion that it is not authentic. But for some reason, I muster the courage to try some of their beauty tools, just for curiosity. So I tried 3 body scrubs that only costs 88 pesos from Daiso.

Face Washing Brush – 3/5


How to use:

Put some facial foam in the scrub and massage it into the skin

Wash it after and let it dry


The teeth of the scrub were really soft. The bristles were soft in my face. I decided to put facial foam on the brush and it was okay, the hard part was that when it would be wet it becomes slippery even if it has a grip on the back and a platform for your thumb in front. To add the bristles were also just a bit soft and actually don’t know if it did anything to my skin.

After 2 days it got lost and I do not have any idea where it was now. (way to go! Goodbye 88 pesos huhuhu)


Cocoon Ball – 2/5

How to use:

First, you have to put it in a 40 degrees temperature for 2-3 minutes.

Then you have to put the softened ball on a finger and gently rub it to the desired area then you add moisturizer and lotion after use.

Has to be dry and one cocoon can be used 3-5 times.


My hopes for this got short because first, it never really softened after 2-3 minutes. It was too small for my whole face to scrub and since it never softened, it was a bit rough on the skin. Drying the cocoon was also a task since it does not have any handle that would make it possible for it to be hung to dry.

I stopped using the cocoon ball after the first ball was used. Kind of a waste of money.huhuhuhu

Natural Konjac Puff –  5/5


I was quite familiar with Konjac before I saw it in Daiso. My friend has bought an expensive one (Php200) in Faceshop. It was way smoother than the Daiso konjac but, Daiso Konjac was a lot cheaper (Php88).

How to use:

Have to soften it in a warm water

After you apply and rinse your facial foam gently rub the Konjac over your face.

Let it dry by getting all the water and hang it in a place where it won’t absorb any dirt from walls or things.


It does soften! Huraay!

Feels good in the face, the softened Konjac has this soft porous property and it actually helped me get rid of my black and white heads!

Just be sure to keep it away from any walls because it absorbs dirt from the walls or things.

Hope this can help in your journey for a youthful and beautiful skin. ( I sound like the ones in the commercials lol!!)






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